Experience the impossible

4Seasons in 4Days is a turn-key multi-sport adventure based in Almaty and designed for active globe-trotters travelling the world in the search of new experiences and impressions. Exploring some amazing pearls of Kazakhstan’s nature while being engaged in varied sports activities makes it an incredible adventure!

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Destinations covered: Shymbulak, Bogdanovich glacier, Turgen gorge, Bear waterfall, Assy plateau, Bartogai reservoir, Kaindy lake, Kolsay lakes.

Activity style: outdoor multi-sport (trekking, rafting, cycling, hiking, ATV - optional)

Difficulty Level: from low to medium

Season: May-September

Duration: 4 days

Day 1


This trip is action-packed from the very first hours. This exciting, albeit challenging, trekking journey involves the ascent to the h of 4,000 meters above sea level and runs through a moraine trail with stunning views. You will feel the mesmerizing greatness and power of the icy peaks of Trans-Ili Alatau mountains.

Day 2


Feel the adrenaline rush from rafting on Turgen, one of the most beautiful rivers in Kazakhstan. Normally rafting distance is around 3.5 km and will take 30 minutes. At the end of the trip you will get a boost of energy and simply inexpressible emotions!

Day 3


On this day you will enjoy a fascinating cycling opportunity. Specially prepared route, where the magnificent landscape changes from high valleys to the desert Bartogai reservoir, will immerse you into the shining splendor of summer.

Day 4


You will have a unique chance to plunge into the charming atmosphere of autumn. You will spend an unforgettable night under the starry sky on the beautiful Kaindy Lake shore, and also see the enchanting Kolsai lakes which have kept a century-old mystery since the ancient times.

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  • All guiding services
    Two experienced guides per trip. One of them is English-speaking.
  • All accommodations
    Clean and charming local guesthouses chosen for your comfort (day 1), staying in a tent (day 2 and 3).
  • All meals
    Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner on all days, including cooking traditional local dishes on-camp by a professional chef.
  • All activities and equipment
    Every gear and accessory you need for trekking, rafting, cycling, ATV, hiking.
  • All domestic transport
    Airport transfers. Comfortable transportation from/back to the hotel's door (city limits). Transportation between destinations. Offroad cars well-equipped for any adventure.
  • All National Parks’ entry fees
    Conservation fees, admission fees
Adriana, Switzerland
I’d crisscrossed almost whole of Europe and last year I began to develop an appetite for other continents. My choice fell on the Central Asian countries, because I wanted to get a new, exciting and authentic experience.
Mathilde, France
This was an amazing trip! There were so many highlights... our outstanding, kind, patient, amazing leader Arman!! What an absolute saint. He was so organized and insightful !
Antony, Australia
What an incredible experience we had! The trip was perfectly organized, the accommodations great, the food fantastic, especially the traditional Beshparmak which had a LOT of meat (horse meat)!
Yevgeniya Kim, Kazakhstan
This was a great and very new experience for me: very active tour filled with various sports activities.
Jacob, England
Our trip with Fourdays was close to indescribable.
Serik, Kazakhstan
First time in my life I felt as if I had a vacation for one month, though in fact we it was five days overall.
Josh, USA
I had wanted to hike in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for a long time since I got to know some guys from Kazakhstan. The trip was an absolute adventure and fulfilled my dream.
Daniel, Kazakhstan
I'd difenitely recommend to add such an experience to your travel portflio. I loved the masterpiece tour from fourdays.kz, it was as great as 4 Seasons by Vivaldi! Thank you very much for the wonderful experience!
Anna, California
This adventure was action-packed from the get go. Food was amazing! Hikes, bike, and rafting excursions were beautiful and the people we traveled with were the best.
Katrin, Kazakhstan
Our trip was truly an incredible adventure. I enjoyed the variety of activities involved, from hiking, rafting to difficult cycling and trekking. It helped me learn more about myself.
Chris, Germany
Everything from interesting guides, delicious and abundant food and interesting tidbits of local lore made this trip one that went beyond my expectations.
Adam, Czech Republic
When I started planning my Central Asia adventure vacation, more than anything, I wanted to be sure it included the right mix of activity and relaxation.
Kristine, Germany
This trip was totally awesome. enchanting scenery, amazing guides, great food and full of lots of active adventures.